A Box inside a box inside a box

I have not written in 5 months. Once again life got in the way and it just did not feel right to write. (no pun intended)

As of now I am officially homeless…….. Not by necessity, but by choice. I’m tired of living inside a box. The box that “society” puts you in. The box of a house, with the box you have to put the mortgage check or rent check in so you can live in that box for another 30 days……..The box that you can store all your other boxes in so you can amass more boxes of worthless crap!

The only box I ever want to be in ever again is a female’s box……..

Once again a tragedy has hit me hard. I lost another lifelong friend. One of the ones I had always known would go out in classic John Belushi style with the epitome of a John Belushi cocktail. Cocaine, barbiturates and alcohol…….He was the biggest bad ass I’d ever met and the kindest, most peaceful person I’ve ever known even though he could DESTROY you with one finger or probably his big toe……A black belt in every martial art known to mankind ……RIP G. P. You will be missed, but, you went out on your terms and I admire you for that……And I can truly thank you for the nudge to carry on my dream and live before I die……

Someone said something to me the other day at his memorial that rang true………” Chris, You will never see a hearse towing a U- Haul to your funeral.” Well, I even refuse to be put inside that box! The casket is just another box they put you in when you’re gone.

I’m going another route. I want my ashes put in a small cannon with a low charge. I want everyone to raise their glasses to me when shot and a large ash cloud erupts from the barrel…….Hopefully with some hoots and cheers when it blows it’s load! That’s how I’m going out. Not in some damn box in a damn hole in the ground with people sobbing.

So here I am, lost and confused. But also elated that I am FINALLY starting on the journey that I set out on almost two years ago. I have no clue where the four winds may blow me, where I may end up, where I will sleep tomorrow or the next! All I know is that where ever I will be will have a great view…….And for at least a while that great view will change every few days or weeks. I’m sure some days will suck, but as long as there are more good days then bad it will be worth the pain of the journey.

” Not all who wander are lost. ” I have no clue what tomorrow may bring. No idea where the four winds may blow me, but hopefully it’s where there’s a nice swell with an offshore wind and huge gaping barrels. And a bitchin’ sunset would just be the icing on the cake! Stay tuned…..I’m back and I promise there will be some great stories a coming!

If you think outside the box you can live outside the box. And I ain’t going out in a box……food for thought……..

P.S. Thank you Flounder (you know who you are) for encouraging me to pick up that pencil again. I hope you seriously laugh out loud and I bring a smile to at least a few peoples faces.


8 thoughts on “A Box inside a box inside a box

  1. Cheers to more kick ass sunsets! Love ya CC!


    1. Thanks babe….. if your box ever is empty let me know! Love you always!


  2. Good to see you again, even under the circumstances. Look forward to your writings. Safe travels


  3. I dont’ know you but I think you’re awesome. Do what everyone daydreams about. You won’t regret it!!!

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    1. Thank you so much man. I’m just a low life trying to live the high life.

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  4. I am so happy for you.. And jealous of you… Kicking myself in the ass for not jumping off the ledge and doing this with you!! Hopefully we will meet up along the path… You know my door is always open! Love, Jules

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    1. You know you are always welcome to come along…….

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  5. Hello how are you ?We are a young couple and really We are addicted to travel like you :) We have a sad and strange story20047 September 17, 2020 — 8:36 pm

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