The Moab Daily, Utah, The Colorado River

Above Onion Creek, Moab Utah, Summer 2015
Fisher Towers, this photo was taken from the Onion Creek camp spot, Moab Utah, summer 2015

I have done this trip at least 4 times over the years. To my recollection I did it twice in 2015, and then again in 2017 and 2018.( I had to count the different women because this is a go to for me for a “cool date”,,,,,,,Try taking your date on a naked moonlight hike in the desert. You can get as weird as you want. Remember? It works! Trust me!) This is a great river trip and requires no permits……Just make sure you pick up your trash and poop in the box so not to ruin it for the next guy! It starts outside of Moab ,Utah at Dewey Bridge and goes about 25 miles downstream to Take Out Beach. It runs along the highway through some of the most beautiful red rock canyons in the world in my opinion.The trip takes two days of lazy floating down the mighty Colorado river, mostly flat water with some fun, straightforward, read and run class III rapids.

On day one you put in at Dewey Bridge and do a lazy 6 hour float, as soon as you go thru the first rapid at Onion Creek on river right there are about 6 AWESOME camp spots shaded by giant cottonwoods that will accommodate anything from very large groups to small ones. They range from large beaches to small secluded ones with a little privacy to get weird as you want! I have some great memories from this campsite, but I can’t really write about them, but as you could imagine, it involved debauchery …..Sorry guys, but I’ll keep those stories in the locker of my mind!

On day two, after a mellow morning with coffee and maybe a short hike you get into the fun stuff. From Onion Creek down there are a series of easy, fun rapids perfect for novice rafters or families with small kids. This section is very popular with the commercial outfitters because of “the splash and giggle” factor for the droves of gapers from all over the world that descend on Moab. I wish it was still like the old days , but sorry to say that now it’s something like this …….LONDON , PARIS, NEW YORK, MOAB……. This place gets mobbed during the warmer months…… The days of a sleepy, cool desert town are gone……But nonetheless, what a great river trip!



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