Natural Bridges Natl Monument, Utah

Sipapu Bridge, Spring 2015. The Hopis believe this is the entryway that their ancestors came into this world.

Not only am I a river rat, but I have become somewhat of a desert rat of sorts in the years since my divorce. Not in the Edward Abbey sense, but more just awestruck by the natural beauty that abounds there. The desert is a stark, magical red rock playground that can also be a deadly and brutal place if you venture into it unprepared. During my marriage I always wanted to go spend time out in the desert, but my ex wife was always kind of a wimp when it came to adventures and her idea of a “vacation” was visiting her parents at a place that I refer to as “a frozen hell on earth” full of wholesome people that scared the living s*** out of me. I’m not going to mention where exactly that frozen hell is because I’m sure I’ll offend someone. But I guess I have always been good at offending people so I will say it’s wretched name, MINNESOTA. Either balls cold or mosquitos the size of small planes! God, how I despise that place…… So the long of the short of it was my son Tanner was usually my adventure companion!

About 50 miles northwest of the four corners off Utah Hwy 95 is Utahs first national monument. This place is absolutely gorgeous! The monument features several natural rock arches that were carved by millions of years of water and wind. It is littered with ancient Pueblo ruins and rock art. The campground here is amazing and serene. If you ever have the chance to go here I highly recommend it! We spent one night here in my VW Van which we affectionately named “The Turd”. This was pre Annie and now that I have Annie I will NEVER go back to slumming it!

My son and I in ” The Turd” Utah, Spring 2015

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