The Bahamian Adventure Day 10

Says it all……

So, here I am sitting here writing this on the deck of a 2 million dollar home in Dorres Cove in Elbow Cay. Part of the Abacos chain of islands in the Bahamas. Seems like I’m living the dream right? But what I failed to mention that is was completely wrecked in 2019 by Hurricane Dorian. The house is completely devoid of windows, the pool is full of sand, and the place is over run by rats and we are living in it now doing the rebuild…….And I could give a sh*t! Generators for water and refrigeration, sleeping on air mattresses and lanterns for light! AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! I’m having the time of my life! Meeting the locals, hanging with the guys I came here with, working my ass off and getting a little bit of time to go out and see the island in the evening! We finally got air conditioning yesterday in one room that all four (was 5 but one went home, long story that I’m sworn to silence about) of us are bunking in sealing the doors at night so the rats can’t get in! There’s millions of them on the island since the hurricane and their natural habitat was wiped out so now they are moving into the empty houses waiting to be repaired! I can’t believe at 50 years old I’m doing this!

Tomorrow will be my first “day off” since I got here and I hope to go spearfishing for hogfish and lobster and maybe get a surf in……The waves have been PUMPING since we’ve been here. A solid 6 to 10 foot every day! I’ve been working and looking over my shoulder at the huge sets rolling in salivating……

Hope Town Ain’t for Sissies! Ain’t that true!

Wherever I go I always try to go LOCAL…… Even though I’m a tourist/short timer here I always search out the native spots and the native folks……I’m so much more at home with the locals……I make friends wherever I go and I truly think I’ve made lifelong friends. Junior who owns Willie’s and his nephew Christopher who is giving us a hand on the house, Tom the manager at the Abaco Inn and Daphne his stunningly beautiful bartender……..I feel at home with the kind, welcoming Bahamian people. They’ve taken me in and made me a part of their families! I am truly blessed!

Last night we rolled up to the Abaco Inn for some dinner and drinks and I was chatting with the bartender Daphne about the rats in the house. She’s a sweet Bahamian gal, always smiling and laughing! She mentioned she had some kittens she would give us…… Just then a big Bahamian Rastafarian walked up to the bar and in a deep carribean accent said ” Daphne, you’ll give the man the kitty’s but you won’t give him the cat!” I just about spit my drink all over the bar! That’s good stuff!

So for the first 3 nights I’ve slept in the living room. The Tradewinds blowing through the non existent window and doors….. My sheets were rattling like a mainsail in the wind and I had to roll up like a burrito while fending off the rats! Obviously I didn’t sleep much!

But today we moved into one room….. Four dudes and an air conditioner! HEAVEN!!!!

My local Bahamian co-worker Christopher took us on an adventure around the island yesterday showing us all the surf spots and spearfishing/ lobster diving spots on the island….. He is multi generational Bahamian and just a good f*cker……. He gets my humor and we always share a good laugh from our belly’s all goddamn day! Life’s too short not to laugh! If you’re ever in the Abacos go to Willie’s, ask for Christopher and tell him you know me…… I promise you’ll be greeted with a smile and treated like family. And Oh Yea….. Get the pork cop in a bag. Dirty pork chop if you’re in the know! It’s Da Bomb! Also stop by Vernons in Hope Town and pick up a loaf of Bahamian sweet bread and a banana bread breakfast loaf……..OMFG!

The bartender at Willie’s has six fingers on each hand and from what I hear he really know’s how to please the ladies! He’s the only man I’ve ever met who can count to twelve on two hands! ALL I COULD THINK WAS THAT’S AWESOME!

Life is short! Spend your money on experiences not possessions……. I guarantee you’ll never regret it……… Live before you die!

Thank’s ya’ll for reading my stuff……..I do it not only for my personal sanity, but also in the hopes that I bring a smile to face of at least one person……If I accomplished that then it was totally worth it!


1 thought on “The Bahamian Adventure Day 10

  1. Sounds like my kinda fun minus so
    Many rats we could without dem mon. The kitten but no cat was hilarious. Be smart duc when necessary

    Liked by 1 person

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