Here we go… might get weird from here.

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua Winter 2017

So here I go, 48 years old and starting over. Some people call it a midlife crisis , but I tend to look at it another way…… I’m calling it a re-birth. I recently sold everything I own, reduced my footprint down to next to nothing, and have never felt so exhilarated in my life!

It’s been a long strange trip. I tried to live like Keith Richards for A LOT of years and now I’m trying to pick up the pieces……..After a couple of failed relationships and a general feeling of discontent I have decided to change my outlook on life and FOLLOW MY DREAMS before I’m too old to live them out. Hence the name of my blog…….LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE! I DO NOT want to be the guy who says ” I wished I would have worked more!”


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